Year Established: 2000

Shockingly Good Emergency Electrical Service

Are you having troubles with your electrical system? Then call Scenic Bluff Licensed Electrician. We’re a full-service electrician crew, able to help you with everything from power restoration to circuit breaker replacement. Our team has been doing it for years and we’ve dealt with every issue in the book. Feel free to bring us small jobs and big jobs alike. Renovating your home? Be sure to call us for a wiring installation!

Our Services

If you’ve just bought a new ceiling light, call us for light fixture installation, whether it’s a chandelier or a regular lamp. We also install light switches, if you need a new one entirely or just want to add a second one to an already existing light. We do outlet installation, if you’re looking to have more places to plug in your devices. We also offer electrical panel replacement, when it’s time for a repair or an upgrade. Questions about our offerings? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Business Hours:
Whenever you need an electrician, call us. Our team members are on call 24 hours a day.

Service Area:
Electrical technicians in Fort Worth, servicing Tarrant County.